JT’s Bio

Photo Apr 30, 9 33 45 PMJT Fats is a successful songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He started telling musical stories when he played his first guitar as a teenager and played in rock bands in high school and college. Even during the 20+ years in the military while raising his family, the guitar was always nearby and he’d make up silly songs for the kids or play favorite songs for family and friends. There are even songs that were created while on guard duty. When the kids were grown, JT picked the electric guitar again he and Dusty put music to the lyrics. The songs have evolved and are now ready to professionally record a CD. JT’s passion for music is evident and he enjoys sharing music with any audience.

JT also plays bass for Indianapolis party rock and country band Shady.


JT has also played guitar and bass for several cover and original rock bands.

Midnight Friars – Grateful Dead, Phish and classic rock cover band

The Hardway – original rock and roll with some covers

Whiskey Fingers – party rock band

Repo Code – Indie band

Slang – classic rock/80s rock

The GR80s – 80s rock and pop

Generation Gap – Oldies

Plus, JT hosted several open mics in Colorado Springs.


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