Dusty’s Bio

Dusty loves entertaining and playing on cool stages. Her passions are encouraging folks of all ages to enjoy music and share the joy of music with young and old. She looks for unique musical opportunities and encourages others on their musical journey.

dskFor 10+ years, Dusty hosted karaoke and DJ’d / MC’d parties, weddings and corporate events. Dusty’s Spotlight Karaoke was a high energy rock star experience for all ages. Dusty put on singing events at schools and nursing homes, ‘sing in the street’ and ‘sing with the band’ events – anywhere folks could share the joy of singing.


Dusty’s biggest dream was to sing in a band. That dream came true after meeting hubby JT. He opened the door to live music for Dusty – getting her started on drums and bass, then they started writing originals for Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry. It’s been an amazing journey.

Whiskey Fingers:

Dusty’s first band was Whiskey Fingers – a classic rock party band in Colorado Springs. After a few years together, the band was playing local great Colorado Springs stages like Stargazers and Springspree.

Whiskey Fingers at the Hogan

The GR80s:

the gr80s logoDusty says…”80s all the way! Michael Jackson, Madonna, hair bands, brat pack soundtracks – for sure, like totally!!” In Nov 2012, Dusty created a dance party 80s show, complete with 80s rock & pop with fun trivia and games like Rubiks cube and air drumming contests.

The GR80s Band on the roof

“This was one of the best gigs ever – just like the Beatles! We were on a stage hanging off the side of a building downtown, while the sun went down over the mountains in downtown Colorado Springs. Folks partying on the rooftop – what an unbelievable experience!”

The move to Indiana

Moving to Indiana brought new musical friends and opportunities. Working at School of Rock gave Dusty the opportunity to be a student drummer and perform with the student band, Mid Life Crisis. It’s also where she learned she could sing while drumming – just like the great Phil Collins.

From School of Rock, Dusty put together a ladies rock band called Diamond Crush.


They played CarmelFest in 2014 – another great stage.

firstsaturdayjamsEncouraging beginning and mid level musicians and offering a place to play and jam where everyone has a good time and can play with other like-minded musicians was the philosophy for First Saturday Jams. Dusty put together a monthly classic rock jam at Kingston’s Music Showcase.

Dusty is currently drumming, singing and playing bass in Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry and preparing for a US tour in 2018. Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live – here we come!

fbff connors


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