Corbin’s bio

The piano lessons didn’t take, and he sold his middle school trombone long ago, but Corbin Collins has been playing bass off and on since the 1980s, when he attended high school with JT Fats.


Corbin’s band in those early years, sometimes called The Howl, sometimes called Spazm, was composed of two sets of brothers. The Howl played a curious mix of prog rock and bar favorites together sporadically for nearly 30 years before a way overdue middle-age implosion finally switched off their amps for good.


CorbFeb10-1Meanwhile in the 90s Corbin traveled the world and gave up the bass in favor of a beat-up acoustic guitar, on which he noodled irregularly. In the 2000s he attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and focused on writing stories. Two unfinished novels languish even today on an external hard drive.

A book editor by trade, Corbin moved back to Indiana and has recently taken a break from writing in favor of the bass once again, inspired by the songcraft and creative energy of Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry.

He is also a fledgling songwriter and imagines himself one day becoming the George Harrison of FBFF, or perhaps playing the Colin Moulding role to JT’s Andy Partridge.