The Bunny does America’s Got Talent


JpegThe America’s Got Talent auditions were held in the Indiana Convention Center – the biggest convention center I’ve ever seen. After quite a hike through the building, we found a long line to get into the registration room and an even longer line to get registered, but we passed the time by chatting with the other contestants. We met Sherman the Snake Hat guy and his family – he had a real snake head with fangs and other snake parts on his hat. We met a comedian who was performing for the 1st time at the audition, we met dancers, songwriters and lots of singers.
JpegOnce registered, we went into the audition hall – so much activity. It’s where the contestants waited for their audition number to be called. We dressed up, so we were asked to be in the “crowd shot”. The staff took us up and down the escalators and corridors to film us ‘happily walking to our auditions’. They kept saying ‘don’t look at the camera’ and ‘it’s TV baby!’. We also got the opportunity to hava an on camera dialogue and Jerry got a chance to sing for the audition crowd. They put the mics on us,  took us to one end of the room, then said Go – and Jerry made up a song while walking through the crowd. All eyes in the room were on us. Terrifying and exhilarating!
Much waiting before we went back in the holding room for the actual audition. We were broken into small groups and went in before a producer to do our song acoustically. We were full of energy and I thought we performed well, plus we gave them the DVD of our audition video. We had quite a bit of fun in our little group of folks and we encouraged each other and laughed. Six hours after we arrived, our audition was done. We find out in late Feb or March if we made it. Not sure about our chances, but we were ourselves and hopefully we stood out. We’ll see! Either way, it was an incredible experience! Thanks again for your love and support.

Our America’s Got Talent video audition: