One Year Ago Today…

…Fuzzy Bunny taught the band to play.

Happy Anniversary!

It was just one year ago today that Dusty and JT debuted Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry in our great jam space in Colorado Springs. We received a positive response from friends that bolstered our courage to get the band out somewhere live. Smokin’ Joe Thomas joined the band a little later to flesh out our songs with some smoking sax and booming bass – and we miss him; his are big shoes to fill. However, we are not afraid to venture out as a two piece and attract the simpatico musician(s) to play with us.

I don't feel like going home now...We auditioned for the Indianapolis Circle of Lights celebration. We sang our version of the Raveonettes “The Christmas Song” with no apology in altering the lyrics a bit to be more appealing. (Santa’s coming to town with sequins in his hair…what?!?) We didn’t make the cut, but we got a laugh for our band name, plus we were interviewed for the TV show about the auditions. I think that I looked kooky enough that we might make the cut for the TV show.

We’ve also put ourselves out there for shows much like our Murray Street Dart shows where only originals can be played. We also have entered the Q95/Jack Daniels Indy’s Next Big Thing contest. No response yet, but we are positive that something will happen.

The beginning stages of our garage jam space (the Emporium?)

My cousin Rick and I are constructing a music space in the garage in Sheridan. We’ve dubbed ourselves “Two Slow Guys Construction” with the motto “No Hurry, No Worry!” and “We’ll get it done…Eventually!” This project will rival the basement space we had in Colorado Springs, and provide the venue for our musical friends to gather and play music together. We’re going to have our first house jam in December and expect it to be a fun holiday fest all around. (The pic is of our current jam space that is upstairs.

Build it and they will come…

Play is what it’s all about for Fuzzy Bunny Fish Fry. We continue to have fun and see where this rolls.

Love Peace and Elbow Grease!